Assessment and Research 

Assessment and Research lies at the heart of our philosophy and our offering and we can do it with you or for you. We deploy this capability as the first point of contact with our clients, using informational and behavioural frameworks to gain a different perspective on their situation and the issues that challenge them. Our proprietary assessment methodology specialises in getting to the root cause of behaviours and how they came about in an organisation. It also allows us to gain insight into which specific changes in behaviour result in increased performance.
Our drive to create the next generation of thinkers and information professionals will require more than a guess at what is coming over the horizon and what it will take to deal with it. Our research framework will not only draw on but also drive research and will require our in-house team to have strong collaboration with the best Universities, Government, and the private sector.

design thinking

Design thinking lies at the heart of everything we do within the company and for our clients. For Intelligence Dynamics, planning or executing without design is a waste of time and resources. Every client is unique and so every solution needs to be designed from the ground up for each specific situation. Design thinking helps us provide unique solutions for our clients, not customised ones.

We see the need for a human-centred approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for success. 

Advisory services

As a provider of advisory services we recognise that no-one knows their busines better than our client. We understand that sometimes being in the business makes it difficult to see risks but more importantly to see the opportunities. However, we believe that sometimes the best value comes from being alerted to the opportunities that are sitting right here right now, as well as those that are over the horizon. It is important to us that we help to provide insight and understanding rather than long reports full of buzz words and complex diagrams. We are not consultants – we are accountable for our advice and we seek to build capability in our clients.

Education and Training

Education and training should be less about skills and knowledge and more about modifying and refining attitudes that support performance. Leveraging over 15 years of research and development of our partners, Intelligence Dynamics brings a wide range of programs that have been tested and proven by member agencies of the National Intelligence Community, Commonwealth and State Government Departments as well as large and small organisations in the private sector.


Our advisory services help you as a leader understand the problem or opportunity in front of you and position you for successful change using thinking, behaviour and innovation as your primary drivers. Our training and education services can be used independently of our advisory services or as part of them to further modify attitudes and behaviours and ensure lasting change.  


Our philosophy is born out of the theory of Cybernetics and extends on this work by proposing that organisational performance can be analysed and enhanced by understanding and balancing the dynamics between people, technology and information.  


Intelligence Dynamics has worked hard to understand the impediments to effective change and performance improvement. We have built proprietary tools which we use to identify the current state of readiness of the organisation to move into the Digital Age.   The Digital Organisation Readiness Audit (DORA) is a simple and effective way to identify undertake a thorough and accurate needs analysis.  Combined with our Behaviours Assessment (BA) tool we can quickly provide you with the insights you need to determine the path forward.


Unlike consulting firms and other service providers we do not charge daily rates and are confident of our capability. We provide our services on fixed price and delivery schedules and our training programs are unique in terms of not only their content, but also their delivery and follow up.

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