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Introduction to Cybernetics

This program is unique in terms of its exploration of the forerunner to the use of “Cyber” as a prefix for many things. It will provide an understanding of how the human-machine relationship began and how it has manifested itself today through information technology and emerging technology. This is not a technical program but rather one that will help anyone understand how people, machines and information interact and will do so in the future.

B.Making decisions and problems solving under conditions of uncertainty 

Making decisions and problems solving under conditions of uncertainty

In design phase for a year and development for another year, since its launch in 2015 this program has attracted more interest, more participants and more feedback than anything else Intelligence Dynamics’ co-founder Steve Longford has developed. Unique in the training landscape ‘Dealing with Uncertainty’ helps participants to do exactly what the title says. Using just two simple models, one for the cognitive and psychological effects of uncertainty and the other a framework for decision making, the participant examines how they function in the modern world from both their own perspective and that of others.

Ethical Decision Making – Science and Practice

Most organisations are judged on their reputation and consistently one of the most significant contributors to this reputation are the decisions made by the people within those organisations. With ever-increasing demands for accountability and transparency for both private and public-sector organisations, the need for effective, quality decision making is growing. This program is designed to address this need and is a strongly customisable as a 1 or 2 day program that seeks to challenge participants on how and why they make the decisions they make. It presents a clear, simple framework that supports lawful and ethical decisions, both in the workplace and at home.


Navigating Culture

As the only program of its kind in the world, Navigating Culture provides a unique insight into the 4 drivers of the psychological engine of Cultural Adjustment. The result of over 19 years of global research and development, it has been tested at Executive levels of domestic and international law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, the Commonwealth Public Service and the private sector.
The program draws on a body of research from diverse cultures across the world to understand the barriers to effective inter-cultural operation. Whereas most cultural training focuses on building awareness of cultural rules and knowledge of language, Navigating Culture focuses on the 4 psychological ingredients that require mastery in order to successfully navigate culture and operate effectively in your role.


Critical Thinking – Science and Practice

The body of work about critical thinking is very large and strongly theoretical or philosophical. This program introduces the participant to some fundamental critical thinking ideas and how to apply them in any situation. It is an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to improve how they think and begin to bring structure to often messy and biased processes. It is highly pragmatic and designed to be applied in any circumstances where thinking is involved.

Introduction to Standardised Analytical Techniques

This program was designed as a response to the Structured Analytical Techniques (SAT) training that has become so popular in the past 5 years, primarily in the Intelligence field. Put simply, we couldn’t find any analytical technique that was unstructured. This program brings validity, reliability and consistency to your judgements and assessments.

Intelligence Doctrine and Fundamentals

The third of our fundamental level programs, this provides participants with the essential concepts, models, processes and language to engage in professional intelligence activities and actions. More than an exploration of the Intelligence Cycle, Intelligence Doctrine and Fundamentals provides the rationale for intelligence practice and equips the participant with everything they need to begin building a career in Intelligence.

Art and Science of Analysis

The most advanced and difficult program offered in any of our streams, this program requires commitment from both the individual and the organisation. Run over 5 days, the majority of which is exercise based, participants are challenged in terms of knowledge, attitude and thinking. Widely acknowledged by the National Intelligence Community as the benchmark for pure analytical training, the Art and Science of Analysis has been experienced by hundreds of analysts throughout the country.

Influence for Analysts

Our most recent program, and at the most advanced level. This course is designed to advance participants’ knowledge to support the delivery of intelligence product, particularly regarding presentations and briefings as well as written product. It is not a communications course but provides an understanding of the principles of influence and persuasion and how to use these to prepare and deliver product in a concise, secure and effective manner. It maps directly to the Criteria, Manage Intelligence Briefings or Presentations (POLCOV007) for the Advanced Diploma of Police Intelligence Operations.

E.Behavioural analysis, performance and assessment

Reading People

First developed over a decade ago this program is still the only one of its kind in the world.  Reading People has been updated over 35 times with new research. It was recently assessed by our partner, Dr David Matsumoto from Humintell in the United States, to ensure it was true to the current science.  This program transcends outdated concepts such as body language, hemispheric preferences and gender brain typologies to bring participants an understanding of the motivations and attributes of others and how to best read for them.  Reading People introduces the latest research and application for concepts such as psychological gender, emotional literacy and cognitive styles and provides a simple yet effective framework for practitioners to apply in the workplace and at home.

Influencing People

This course is set upon three assumptions.

1. The better you are at reading people the more influential you will become.

2. The more influential you become the easier you will be to influence.

3. Most ways we influence others are unethical and unfair and usually unsustainable.

Building on the base provided in Reading People, this course has been designed to provide an understanding of the broad range of influence tactics and techniques using one simple continuum. It reveals why there is no one way to influence others and how the pursuit of easy influence has led to the increased use of unethical and unsustainable approaches. Drawing on the latest research in psychology, social influence and behavioural economics, Influencing People will challenge participants attitudes to power and control and show how decision making lies at the heart of every influence problem.

Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception

With content licensed directly from our partner New Intelligence, we have developed a simple and pragmatic approach to what science shows to be one of the most difficult and complex capabilities for anyone to acquire. Designed as an extension of the Reading People program, Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception is an advanced program that challenges large blocks of contemporary opinion and outdated research. There are no quick wins or easy tells to be found in this program, just valid and reliable approaches based on the best science available.

The Art & Science of Interview

For any interview to return valid and reliable results you need far more than a good list of questions. The sum total of research and practice aggregated and presented at the last 13 world International Investigative and Interview Research Group conferences by academics and practitioners show unequivocally that planning, structure, agility and execution are essential for effective interviews. We are the only Australian company to update our programs with the content obtained by our people attending these conferences.

We are the only Australian company to be asked to present at these conferences and the only Australian company to take this information and develop the country’s first, fully validated, non-law enforcement interview framework.

New Intelligence is the only Australian company to integrate the latest research in Psychology, Social Neuroscience, Psycholinguistics, Micro-expressions and Personality Theory into contemporary interview methodology.  We call it PROSPECT – an anagram that defines the search for something valuable.

It is designed to work for job interviews, performance assessments, conflict resolution, coaching, customer service, business process analysis, consulting, clinical assessments, counselling and financial planning. It works equally well for workplace investigations, compliance regimes and security functions.


We offer four capabilities that can be used as a suite or independently to increase the performance of you and your people:
Assessment and Research
Education and Training


Our philosophy is born out of the theory of Cybernetics based on the emergence of a new category of worker, the Information Professional. This Information Professional will not emerge on their own. Leaders will need to transform their organisations using thinking, behaviour, and innovation as the primary drivers.


Intelligence Dynamics has worked hard to understand the impediments to effective change and performance improvement. We have built proprietary tools which we use to identify the current state of readiness of the organisation to move into the Digital Age.   The Digital Organisation Readiness Audit (DORA) is a simple and effective way to identify undertake a thorough and accurate needs analysis.  Combined with our Behaviours Assessment (BA) tool we can quickly provide you with the insights you need to determine the path forward.


Unlike consulting firms and other service providers we do not charge daily rates and are confident of our capability. We provide our services on fixed price and delivery schedules and our training programs are unique in terms of not only their content, but also their delivery and follow up.

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