We help our clients to identify the one thing that causes them the most pain, the greatest weakness or single point of failure right now.  We take an emic approach to understanding how this situation came about in the first place and then we design a strategy to help deal with it.  We are not consultants and our structured advice will leave our client with personally enhanced capability as we guide them along the pathway to ensure they not only understand how we arrived at our conclusions but how they can implement the design that we have built for them.  Usually based around training and development, this plan will support our client as they bring the rest of their staff to bear on realising the potential that will make their organisation more effective and “resolve their problem”.       

Our Report provides the means for the client to realise the opportunity or address the problem that was identified at the outset of the engagement or in the first phase assessment. The report is made up of three parts: a Behavioural-centred Design (BCD) component, Structured Execution Advice (SEA); and, a plan that facilitates Capability Development.        



Intelligence Dynamics has an approach and tools

that lend themselves to rapid development and deployment – the only limits to the speed of implementation are those imposed by our clients and the security and compliance frameworks within which they operate. Leveraging non-linear approaches to our work means we can address situations, projects, risks and obstacles on multiple fronts and because we don’t work on hourly or daily rates we are always motivated to deliver quality outcomes on time.

Behaviours Assessment

Our approach is designed to modify attitudes and behaviours at a fundamental level, but to do so requires clarity of purpose. This can often be a difficult proposition because sometimes our clients are not as clear as we require, at least in behavioural terms. The first step in designing any solution is to identify the attitudes and behaviours that our client needs to have their personnel exhibit, increase or reduce. A Behaviours Assessment provides our clients the insight they want to make the decisions they need to.


Our advisory services help you as a leader understand the problem or opportunity in front of you and position you for successful change using thinking, behaviour and innovation as your primary drivers. Our training and education services can be used independently of our advisory services or as part of them to further modify attitudes and behaviours and ensure lasting change.  


Our philosophy is born out of the theory of Cybernetics and extends on this work by proposing that organisational performance can be analysed and enhanced by understanding and balancing the dynamics between people, technology and information.  


Intelligence Dynamics has worked hard to understand the impediments to effective change and performance improvement. We have built proprietary tools which we use to identify the current state of readiness of the organisation to move into the post-Digital Age.  The Digital Organisation Readiness Audit (DORA) is a simple and effective way to identify undertake a thorough and accurate needs analysis.  Combined with our Behaviours Assessment (BA) tool we can quickly provide you with the insights you need to determine the path forward.


Unlike consulting firms and other service providers we do not charge daily rates and are confident of our capability. We provide our services on fixed price and delivery schedules and our training programs are unique in terms of not only their content, but also their delivery and follow up.

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