“Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.”

― Norbert Wiener, Founder of Cybernetics

Intelligence Dynamics, founded in the science of Cybernetics, harmonises the relationship between people, technology and the information upon which they rely in order to allow them to confidently confront threats as well as recognise and exploit opportunities.

Intelligence Dynamics is a niche advisory firm that specialises in preparing organisations and people to confidently adapt to the Digital Age.  We prepare and build leaders and their people for the digitalisation era – now – and into the future.  We help leaders trust what they know and then enhance their confidence to confront emerging, converging, disruptive, and even legacy technologies – head on – in order to make comprehensive decisions and build trust in their organisations, in their people and, most importantly – in themselves. 

We do this using a scientific approach that examines the relationships between people, information and technology to highlight where an organisation’s biggest threats and opportunities lie and how to best manage them.  Intelligence Dynamics’ approach, founded in the science of Cybernetics, seeks to harmonise the relationship between people and the technology and information upon which they rely.   

 Intelligence Dynamics advisory services and executive education programmes unleash talents, harmonise relationships and cultivate communities of trusting, authentic and passionate leaders that will aspire to create in their organisations a dynamic generation of leaders excited, confident, and prepared to lead in the digitalisation era. 



Our Services

We offer four capabilities that can be used as a suite or independently to increase the performance of you and your people:
Assessment and Research
Education and Training

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is born out of the theory of Cybernetics and is based on the emergence of a new category of worker – the Information Professional. This Information Professional will not emerge on their own. Leaders will need to transform their organisations using thinking, behaviour, and innovation as the primary drivers.

OUR methodology

Intelligence Dynamics has worked hard to understand the impediments to effective change and improving performance and we are confident we can deliver. We have built our methodology around four pillars:

Our Guarantee

Unlike consulting firms and other service providers we do not charge daily rates and are confident of our capability. We provide our services on fixed price and delivery schedules and our training programs are unique in terms of not only their content, but also their delivery and follow up.

Our Advisors

Intelligence Dynamics prepares people and organisations for the future so it is vital that we understand what that future might look like. Our Advisory Board drives and guides us so we can stay ahead of the curve and keep you there too. See who we listen to.

Robert Cardillo

President of The Cardillo Group, LLC (TCG) and former Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in the United States.

Dr. David Matsumoto

President of Humintell and Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the United States.

Dr. Miles Jakeman

Independent Non-Executive Chairman of both AIM-listed GetBusy and Fifth Domain and former CEO of ASX 200 company Citadel Group

Melissa Osborne

Chief Technology Officer at Dell Technologies in Australia and New Zealand

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